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James Crisp

Installation: James Crisp

Specifier: Spaceworks

Contractor: Basically Floors

Product: Exposed Milltown & Urban Retreat Plank

James Crisp is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated family-owned foodie businesses. In fact they’ve just celebrated their 100 years in business. So, you can imagine the heritage and legacy which needed to be encapsulated into the design of the office

This 800 m2 office required the utmost in precision, accuracy and digging deep into the finer detail. It required strategic design and foresight meshed with creativity and originality.

The office layout was transformed. Moving away from the very traditional office, whereby 70% of the employees had their own office it is now a modern, activity-based open plan office.

The new office is incredibly polished and elegant and will be the proud home of James Crisp for many years to come. It is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new and the amalgamation of high quality fixtures and finishes.

The office design and every tiny detail was chosen specifically so that their brand and heritage was represented with subtleness and with finesse. This was achieved by:

Spaceworks choice of flooring was exacting – it needed to be both modern yet have heritage values. Talking to INZIDE – suppliers of Interface carpet tile in NZ – was a necessity. Interface is the global leader in carpet tile design. Exposed was perfect from a heritage value viewpoint and UR 501 added the modern luxury tones. Job done. Add in the 15 year performance warranty (including castor chairs) and you have design, quality and performance all sorted.

James Crisp - Overall Office Shot 5 -17
James Crisp - Desks Shot 1 -58
James Crisp - Meeting Room Shot 5 -690
James Crisp - Meeting Room Shot 6 -228
James Crisp - Meeting Room Shot 1 -672
James Crisp - Overall Office Shot 3 -531
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