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Lion Breweries Ltd, Auckland Offices

Installation: Lion Breweries Ltd. Auckland Office

Specifier: Creative Spaces

Installer: Flooring Junction

Product: Cubic Colours various

Lion's partnership with Creative Spaces aimed to bring Lion's people together in a stimulating and creative environment that encouraged collaborative working styles. Spread over two locations, Lion decided to consolidate into 5100sqm in the heart of Auckland.

Lion have a dynamic group of people working with their diverse range of brands. It became essential that the workplace should reflect the diversity of both whilst still maintaining a highly functional space. Concurrently they wanted to create an environment that combined quintessential Kiwi places and past times that epitomise the company's products.

Every person within Lion, from the Managing Director down, changed into an open plan environment. This was supported by an increased number of quiet rooms, collaboration options and bookable meeting rooms. High levels of detail and variation in finishes and texture added to the richness and personalisation of the design.

And now we talk about the flooring. Open plan offices provide a workplace design that is highly fluid and copes with moves, adds and changes effortlessly. The flooring needs to be able to cope with this just as effortlessly. Moving a desk and leaving a castor chair crush mark is not a good look. So carpet tile is the solution for open plan environments. But which carpet tile, there is so much rubbish tile on the market brought in by agents from Chinese non-named Mill that you have to be very careful. You need true NZ backed warranties. You need full 15 year castor chair wear warranties to be part of the warranty. It needs to have minimal VOC’s and most importantly it needs to maintain its appearance irrespective of the load placed on it over the warranty time frame.

Interface carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE Commercial in NZ) meets that brief. Add in the unparrelled product range, superior colour palette and patented dye-batch mergeable random pattern and you have a flooring solution that is very fit for purpose. What a great result. What a great space.
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