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Lonestar Head Office

Installation: Lonestar Head Office

Specifier: Element 17

Installer: Hubbers Furnishings

Product: Human Connection Collection

Modern, friendly, a space to create connections and make people feel welcome: this was the feeling that Element 17 wanted to create for Lonestar's new office.

So when Element 17 talked to Inzide (suppliers of Interface carpet tile and Forbo in NZ), we had the perfect product to recommend: Human Connections by Interface.

The colours and texture of Human Connections embraces biophilic deign by celebrating the look of well-worn streets, with the green hues highlighting an organic way to move around the space. A very sophisticated concept to inspire human connections in the Lone Star work environment.

It’s always about looking good, but equally about quality. Interface carpet tile is the global design leader in modular flooring. Its quality is excellent, as demonstrated by the 15 years castor chair warranty, standard on all its flooring ranges.

Nice work, well executed.

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IMG 20190523 161709-411
IMG 20190523 161656-285
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