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Mercury Energy Auckland

Installation: Mercury Energy Auckland – a division of Mighty River Power

Specifier: Stephenson & Turner

Installer: Lovich Floors Ltd.

Product: Entropy & Cubic on CushionBac

Mercury Energy were undertaking a refurbishment of their offices. They had two key requirements:

Re-Energise – create a new sense of team, collaboration & interaction.
Get rid of the squeak from the raised access floor.

Stephenson & Turner did a superb job on using InterfaceNZ’s Entropy & Cubic collections to create a master play of fun, colour and energy as shown on the floor plate image.

Entropy was Interface’s first random patterned carpet. It is based on Nature’s design philosophy. Throw the leaves in the air from the forest floor and they’ll also land perfectly. Disturb the pebbles in the stream and they will come back perfectly. Nature’s floor is a random floor – always perfect, always right. Interface adopted this concept and even patented the design philosophy. Hence you lay the carpet tile any which way (we say fuzzy side up) and dye batches merge, progressive installation (important for a refurb) is painless and any repairs in the future where carpet tile are replaced are simply not seen – the dye batches merge and the tiles all look the same.

Cubic is similar to Entropy but has the contrasting colours in the same tile toned down. Net result wonderful.

And to remove the squeak, we added CushionBac to the backing of the tile.

Net result – a floor that is fit for purpose, looks great and meets the brand/culture philosophy of Mercury Energy.
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