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Meridian Building

Installation: Meridian Building - Wellington

Specifier: Warren & Mahoney with Studio Pacific

Installer: Christie Flooring Wellington

Product: Modernism Clean

Initially known as Kumutoto, the new Building that was to become the Merdian Energy Head Office was always destined to be special. Not only was it’s designer the renowned Warren & Mahoney leading the sustainability charge within NZ, and it’s location right on the waterfront at Wellington Harbour providing unparrelled views and proximity to Wellington CBD, but it was to be New Zealand’s first green star rated building with a 5 Star rating.

This was the building to set the green standard within New Zealand and set a very high standard it did.

A randomly designed carpet tile was chosen for its flooring for a number of aesthetic, maintenance and sustainability reasons. Being random it has minimal installation wastage (Less than 1% versus broadlooms standard 15%). Being carpet tile it has a life-cycle costing half that of broadloom. Being tile made from PVC backing and solution dyed 6’6 nylon it already has high recycled content and is itself 100% recyclable. It’s also climate neutral.

Being tile its maintenance regime is simple – any soiled tiles get lifted up, washed gently in the sink, allowed to try and put into storage stock waiting to be needed again to replace another soiled tile. Being random means no pattern matching or dye lots to worry about – No-one can tell what tile has been lifted and what tile hasn’t.

Aesthetically, what a fantastic pattern and colour, (dark sand) to complement the wide blue sea expanse outside while coordinating with the strong interior wood finishes.

Simply an amazing building from the inside out.
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