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NZ Blood Service

Installation: NZ Blood Services - Auckland

Specifier: Creative Spaces

Installer: Flooring Junction

Product: Level 2 Terrain & Coast, Monochrome Red &Orange and Shadowland Acre

NZ Blood services wants you as their customer. And no one really wants to be their customer. Yes you get free bikkies and drink, but seriously, plunging a large needle into your arm and extracting a pint of your precious blood. No thanks.

So what do you do as the blood service. Market to community minded people. YES. Market to mass audiences at critical times (holidays) to prick consciences asit could be you in that car accident. YES. And very importantly make the Blood services branches friendly and welcoming. YES.

Focussing on the last element of their marketing strategy meant turning their branch network into a “home” yet ensuring it could handle the hundreds of people that donate in these facilities each day. So while commercial in practise, the space needed to be domestic in design. So the flooring posed a problem. Yet the solution – Interface carpet tile – was a very easy answer.

Contain a life-time anti-microbial – YES – Interface carpet tile – Intersept.
Be easy to maintain and clean up after – YES - Interface carpet tile – solution dyed nylon.
Perform well and not show wear – YES - Interface carpet tile – 15 year wear warranty.
Look great, be comfortable, feel domestic – YES – a given with Interface carpet tile.

Interface carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE Commercial in NZ) are simply the best in class and the global leader in all aspects. Whatever your requirement there will be a design solution for you.

Thank you blood service for your great work, and thank you for picking Interface carpet tile.
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