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NetValue Offices, Hamilton

Installation: NetValue Offices – ING Building Hamilton

Specifier: ARchiTecture

Installation: Murray Charteris

Product: Blueprint Diagram and 4 Solid Foundation Colours (Mustard, Fire Engine, Sapphire & Lime Green)

NetValue through a number of different brands undertakes web development, web hosting, web tracking & just about everything else that you would expect from a one stop shop web company. These guys are not just geeks, they are uber geeks and extremely proud of both their people and the standard of their work.

When they upgraded their office space, they wanted to make a statement, a statement that every customer would understand. So they turned their floorplate into Star-Trek revisited. But only the timeless classics made the grade, Space Invaders, Galaga and PacMan.

The staff loved it and the attention to detail even extended to random pixels set about the floor. The characters themselves are made out of 1/9th carpet tiles.

The result is awesome. Well done NetValue and well done ARchiTecture.
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