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One Staff Offices

Installation: One Staff Offices

Product: Net Effects, Human Nature & Allura Flex LVT

Architect: Workspace by Amanda Drumm

Installer: Quantum Flooring - Nigel

The brief on this project was relatively simple – make the floor talk to add colour to the austere concrete walls.

INZIDE is always up to the task and Interface carpet tile will ALWAYS have a product(s) to nail any brief while ensuring, design, wellness and performance are brought to the fore.

Here two mazing products were brought together. Both I2 (dyebatch mergeable enuring only 1% waste ion installation and massive ongoing facility management savings over the full 15 years that the carpet is warranted for – including under castor chairs).

Net effects was launched in 2013 and was the first product in the world to use recycled fishing nets – a joint venture between Aquafil yarns and Interface brought this recycling technology into play. Net effects is based on the oceans designs (more recognisable in the square format). Net works took the recycling effort to a whole new level to be the first environmentally restorative project undertaken by Interface.


Human Nature was truly a masterstroke and was the world first tile that transitioned texture from one tile to another. Here you just see the (no pebble version). It’s brother plank is a half pebble half plain tile followed by its big brother tile which is a full pebble tile.


In the breakout/kitchen area luxury vinyl tile(LVT) was used. The LVT height at 5mm matches the carpet tile and uses the same water based pressure sensitive adhesive. It just a vinyl tile. It works brilliantly in with the carpet tile, ensures the modular ease of installation and looks superb.

Great result.

And the flooring – who else but INZIDE – the little NZ company bringing the best of the world to NZ. Our flooring solutions are always fit for purpose, are always design leading, always have the environment in mind (every one of our Interface carpet tiles in that facility is not only made of high recycled content, but is also recyclable from NZ) and ensures that the space is enriched.

Add to this

  • 20 year full performance education warranty

· World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

· Colour, texture,  and biophilic design

  • Life-time anti-microbial built into the latex layer in the carpet tile.

Yes a world leading flooring solution for a world leading education facility. Simply brilliant.

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