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Shortland Management

Installation: Shortland Management, 57 Fort Street

Specifier: In house

Installer: Basically Floors

Product: Blast from the Past Grey Retro, Equilibrium II Rotate

WOW, what an impressive carpet tile Blast from the Pastis. Shortland mgmt. had a common landlord issue. Two untenanted floor plates. One facing the harbour, the other facing Albert park.

Their tenants are generally professional in skill, requiring about 250 to 300m2 and conservative. The two floor plates though having great views needed to be spruced up. New paint and carpet was definitely required. They settled onEquilibrium II Rotate carpet tile for the harbour facing tenancy very quickly. Conservative, professional and fit for purpose. Plus they had used it many times before.

But then the property team said “what if” we made the other tenancy a bit more out there. We could use “bold” carpet tile which could quickly be changed to conservative equilibrium if needed by a prospective tenant.

Blast from the Past was chosen – it’s out there. And surprisingly the lawyer that saw the tenancies first, who wanted harbour views simply gravitated to the retro floor and signed up there and then. Now that’s the power of design. Use your floor to make a brand statement. Just because the nature of your role is conservative does not mean the environment you work in needs to be.

Well done Shortland properties. Very well done.
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