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Sony New Zealand

Installation: Sony New Zealand

Specifier: Woodhams Miekle Zhan

Installer: Lovich Floors

Product: Fast Forward, Colourbase Custom Colours

Sony had a very clear requirement. A great looking floor that would catch your eye and say “we do things differently here”, a high performance floor and great value. Essentially a floor plate aligned to their own strong brand values.

The result, Interface carpet tile supplied by INZIDE Commercial in custom colours. What a fantastic result.

15 year full performance NZ based warranties – including castor chairs
Anti-microbial built into the carpet tile for its life-time
Solution Dyed Nylon – toughest man-made fibre with the colour built into the yarn so no sun-fade
Great value and huge array of colour options.

Sony loved their floor choice. Crisp clean lines, gentle random graduation in the pattern to ensure great performance & wear and bright bold Fuchsia.
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