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Stephenson and Turner

Installation: Stephenson & Turner Offices

Specifier: Stephenson & Turner - Rose Minee

Installer: Brayco Flooring

Product: Syncopation Flame & Umber and Chenille Timecustom colours

Stephenson & Turners new offices on Fanshawe street needed to reflect the future of S&T. Bright, Dynamic, Energetic and Fabulous.

The new offices coincided with an intent to deliberately move S&T into the new Millienium with vigour and oomph. Interface's carpet tile credentials including a 15 year wear warranty, life-time colour fastness and life-time anti-microbial [Intersept®] were top of mind for the decision to use Interface. However vibrant colour and new design were the must have factors. Chocolate and Flame provided the vibrant colour. Placing these colours intoChenille time (custom colour) did the rest.

The result, Fabulous. The Scene is now set for vibrant and dynamic design.

Move forward 4 years. S&T are looking at their brown corridor (top RHS) and saying, it needs to have vibrancy added with little cost. We can’t lose the Umber colour as it co-ordinates throughout the office.

This is where carpet tile comes into its own and beats broadloom hands down. Swapping out 20 tiles and what a transformation occurs (see bottom RHS). Talk about future proofing your floor plate.
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