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Tech Solutions for Industry Group

Installation: Tech Solutions for Industry Group

Product: Various – Human Nature, Urban Retreat, Exposed

Installer: New Space & Basically Floors

Architect: Ministry of Architecture

Offices continue to morph into places of well-being, comfort and in truth “feeling at home in the office”

Interface’s Exposed carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE in NZ) was the perfect choice of tile. True 15 year castor chair warranty, highly recyclable and recyclable from NZ at the end of its life (no NZ landfill) and with its dye-batch meargeable random designed carpet tile a perfect field tile for TSI. Not only was there less than 2% wastage at installation but replacing tiles in the future will always be a perfect fit. Move a wall, refurbish an error replace a tile due to excessive soiling and you will never know that there has been a patch up.

Add in the shag pile Human nature carpet into the collaboration spaces and Urban Retreat to highlight specific areas and you have a fit for purpose flooring design.

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