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Vodafone Head Office

Installation: Vodafone New Zealand Head Office

Specifier: Jasmax

Installer: Lovich Floors

Product: Building Blocks, Time Warp Psychedelic Time, Colour Box

The brief was nailed – Give me a flooring that compliments the Vodafone Brand (Thrill of fresh new Ideas) blasts out personality and will last 15 years or more without showing age. And it needs to be really easy to maintain. And it needs to be able to be fixed whenever, however. And it needs to cater for raised floors. And, and and and, the list went on.

No problems – we’ll make special raised floor tile for you 600mm * 600mm (vs our standard 500mm * 500mm) with plugs vs being installed with Inter-tac adhesive. On the brand side, pick the colour (Vodafone Red of course) and pattern and we’ll customize to meet your needs. 15 year warranty comes standard so no problems. And by buying a few spare tiles they can be quickly changed after hours with no impact on customers or employees should the need arise. And it's solution dyed nylon, the hardiest flooring fibre on the market that can take diluted bleach cleaning agents and still keep its colour.

Net result – SOLD.

Thank you Vodafone
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