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Antarctic Centre Equilibrium

Installation: Antarctic Centre – Christchurch

Specifier: J.D Design

Installer: Hills Flooring

Product: Equilibrium Constant & Neutral (colours have been superseded by Equilibrium 2)

As a pre-eminent tourist attraction in Christchurch and situated right next door to the Christchurch International airport, the Antarctic Centre needed 3 key requirements from its carpet flooring;

  • Visual impact
  • Performance – hundreds of visitors each day
  • Maintenance ease

Interface carpet tile was the obvious choice. A 15 year guarantee, anti-microbial for the life-time of the tile and solution dyed nylon were the key foundations to meet their brief.

Solution dyed nylon means yarn with memory and ease of cleaning. No dyelots in the yarn means it is designed to be impervious to staining. Solution dyed nylon means colour fastness and the ability to resist crushing – an obvious requirement given the foot traffic.

Carpet tile is both visually impressive but more importantly for the Antarctic Centre makes maintenance a breeze. Simply lift the tile off the floor and run it under warm water to clean it and then hang it out to dry while dropping another tile in its place. Or if the tile is beyond repair for whatever reason, simply replace it with maintenance stock. That way the floor always looks great and there are no OSH issues.

As shown, carpet tile is so flexible. Here they have used a brand iron to replicate penguin feet. Interface carpet tile– always fit for purpose and simply the best flooring for any public space.

Penguin feet-784
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