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Auckland International Airport

Installation: Auckland International Airport

Product: Marmoleum Sheet

If ever there was a poster child for incredible flooring, Marmoleum in Auckland International Airport is it.

Installed in 1986 and over 20 years later this floor has seen 100,000,000+ pairs of feet taking multiple footsteps in all manner of shoes/boots and sandals. It is still performing strongly and looking great.

The original concept was waka landing on a river bank. Still very effective today.

You want a beautiful, stuning, bold floor with serious performance, is natural (100% PVC free), provides a softness underfoot that no other resilient can match AND is easy to maintain?

MARMOLEUM, a pedigree encompassing over 150 years of product development. No wonder it is that good!

Did we mention that LINSEED oil is also a natural anti-microbial and is a key ingredient in Marmoleum.


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