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Balmoral Catholic Church

An installation at the Catholic Church in Balmoral – the original floor and 50 years down. Installed by a master craftsman who cut the insignias by hand from a sheet product. A craftsman who took great pride in his workmanship.

We have no history of this install. We just love it for it making the statement that it makes. Beautiful.

Let’s hope that it stays in place for another 50 years!!

Just another example of the durability and timelessness of MARMOLEUM.

Simply Marmoleum because;

  1. Natural product – no synthetic plastics or PVC here. Just sawdust, linseed oil, tree gum  natural dyes and time
  2. Naturally Anti-microbial – Linseed oil
  3. Un-paralleled durability – Auckland airport, 22 years on the floor, +100,000,000 feet and still performing. Remember it is only 2.5mm thick.
  4. 150 years pedigree – a truly global product with 20,000,000m2 being installed each year. Installed in both the Kremlin and the White house.
  5. So smooth and quiet to walk on versus plastics.
  6. Amazing natural colours and textures – some ranges even incorporate chocolate cocoa husks. No wonder they smell so good.
  7. Modular or sheet – design possibilities are endless

Amazing how Marmoleum comes with a 15 year warranty but whose examples just race past that date. Amazing product, amazing Marmoleum.

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