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Base Camp Installation

Installation: Base Camp, Wanaka

Specifier: Salmond Architects, Wanaka

Product: Tatami Kuji and Equilibrium Neutral

Base Camp in Wanaka wanted a Green building to complement the pristine surroundings of Central Otago. The ability to re-use carpet tile from the Christchurch Convention Centre in the climbing arena and have new highly sustainable carpet tile on the top floor was critical.

The result was a huge success. High design carpet, green ticks of approval and a flooring that can withstand the rigours of a climbing centre. Built in anti-bacterial to combat the sweat drops, solution dyed nylon to withstand rigorous cleaning (including diluted bleach) and a nylon yarn ensuring that it lasts and lasts.

Form and function came together beautifully ensuring a happy customer.

Basecamp-5 260x195
Basecamp-outside 260x347
Basecamp-lounge 260x347
Basecamp-upper-deck 260x347
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