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Christchurch Public Library

Installation: Christchurch Public Library

Specifier: Sally Thompson – Head Librarian

Installer: Dores for Floors

Product: Continuum

WOW! You want your public space to be remembered? You want the many tourists (local & International) who frequent this library to say to all they meet – "when next you're in CHCH you have got to go into the Public library!
This is exactly the impression that Sally was keen to create.

When you look around the various libraries, take into account social media and the internet, add in iPads and mix them all around you get – NO one wanting books, and therefore the whole idea of a library being outdated.

Yet libraries are the life blood of the communities they service. People meet, connect and learn in these places. The internet becomes open to them, knowledge is available and the space becomes a place to relax, meet and enjoy. So in this context you need to look at your interior. Is it old fashioned, dark and a place where knowledge is guarded and no noise is made. Or is it open, welcoming and a place to enjoy, learn and connect?

Sally is on the Open and Enjoy side of this continuum. What a statement, what a great looking floor plate and what a place to tell others about.

And I'd just like to add that seeing a bit of colour is uplifting. Pink is the new black.
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