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Davis City Central Library Wanganui

Installation: Davis Central City Library

Specifier: Drawingroom Architecture and Design in conjunction with Whanganui District Council

Installer: Jacksons Flooring

Product: Continuum, Equilibirim 2, Cubic Colours & Blueprint

When there is a project that has clear nature inspired design themes, we get a little excited here at Inzide. Experience has taught us that when nature is the basis of design a stunning outcome is inevitable. So it is no surprise that when Wanganui's public library was in need of an update and the design direction was based on one of the most recognisable NZ native bird species, there was going to be fantastic use of colour in the floorplate, Inzide's specialty .

“In Whanganui’s public library, we created a broad swathe of colour that moved and flowed across the building, based on the plumage of the Kereru, Wood Pigeon. We used the carpet, a sometimes utilitarian feature, and part of the existing budget, to create a unique work of art in the space, using colours across four Inzide ranges, complemented with Resene ; Atoll, Gondwana, Tweet and Jelly Bean on feature walls, and coloured skylight film. Kids love jumping from tile to tile, exploring the nooks and crannies!” - Elinor Harvey McDouall, Drawingroom Design & Architecture

How fun, using the tiles as stepping stones!
It is well researched that children learn the most when they are having fun and it sounds like the team at Drawringroom have delivered a space that is truly inspiring; imagination, learning and otherwise.
We think it has turned out amazingly - well done Elinor & team.

TGP Library02-294
Resene Atoll-48Resene Gondwana-17
Resene Tweet-546Resene Jelly Bean-301
TGP Library03-836
TGP Library01-999
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