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Dunedin Public Library

Installation: Dunedin Public Library – Children & Teenagers Sections

Specifier: Dunedin City Council

Installer: Dunedin Carpet Court

Product: Solid Foundation (assorted colours), Rawhide, AX Tile (2 patterns in Sepia colour), Ground Level Slate & Coal.

The brief was simple. Make this a space that would attract teenagers while providing a conducive environment for reading. It was interesting talking with the librarians both during and after the transformation of the space.

During – summed up as "I don't know if this is going to work" After – summed up as "wow what a change and the number of people spending time reading here has increased dramatically" And the interesting point as all these stories have – "now we have to do a 'snogging patrol' at least hourly".

So with a simple touch of colour and flair, not only has the library created an inspirational space that talks to their customers, but has also succeeded in attracting those customers to stay longer and self-educate.

Interface – the perfect flooring choice when needing high design, colour and a touch of pizzazz.
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