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Glenfield Presbyterian Church

Installation:    Glenfield Presbyterian Church (GPC) - Auckland

Specifier:        Ray Skinner and the team at GPC.

Installer:         Flawless Carpets

Product:         Patchwork Quilt – Blues, Greens & Greys

Glenfield Presbyterian Church run an outreach programme for at risk youth. They have a training classroom out the back and the community centre part of the church is used by these youth during the Monday to Friday school day. A crèche for the students children also operates onsite. Inzide Commercial helped carpet this classroom many years ago when it first started as part of our social sustainability drive try to help community programmes whenever we can.

So picture this – old torn, stained broadloom carpet throughout the church and community areas. Using this flooring are, babies crawling on the floor in the crèche and in the community room, older parishioners having cups of tea talking together, students sitting on the floor in discussion groups. Add to this no money in the kitty for capital works and Ray Skinner a flaming sustainability torch within the accounting community of NZ sitting on the parish council.

Simply an untenable situation for all concerned. Ray talks to Steve at Inzide and asks what can we do for as small amount of money as possible? The answer – how about taking all our bits and bobs (over-runs, end of lines, old samples) – all the flotsam and jetsom of warehouse running and using these for your floor. Its brand new Interface carpet tile, owes us very little, will be guaranteed for 15 years, perform like new AND you’ll get;

  1. Life-time anti-microbial incorporated into the carpet tile – important for the babies
  2. Sensitive choice low allergen rated – very important for the babies
  3. So easy to clean and maintain

You just need to pick a colour palette. You have no say on the individual tile design but picking say a “Spring” or “Autumn” theme of colours will provide a glorious floor plate. The Parish council decided on a blue/green/grey theme and the result is WOW. The students removed the old carpet and helped Flawlessly install the new.

What a great job done on the smell of an oily rag.
Glad we could help.

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