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Gore Library

Installation: Gore Library

Specifier: Richard Morley-Hall and Jane Robinson

Installer: Flooring Xtra - Gore

Product: Outlook Spectacle & Vista Extent

Along with the best pies and doughnuts from anywhere I've travelled to in NZ, a fantastic Art gallery and the friendliest people of anywhere in New Zealand, Gore boasts one of the most progressive and forward thinking librarians in the whole of New Zealand, Jane.

Jane needed to re-carpet the library on a tight budget without shutting down the library or causing staff or customers any hassle.

The solution was InterfaceNZ – the carpet tile specialists. We brought random patterned carpet tile offering great life-time value; our revolutionary 'RENOVISIONS' library jacking system and Tac-Tile to this job.

Renovisions allowed old broadloom to be lifted in small patches with carpet tiles slotted in their place.

Tac-Tile is a glueless installation system ensuring no big patches need to be cleared. Simply, customers could continue to walk into and select books from the library. Concurrently Tac-Tile allows installation over ceramics as shown, with easy make good if required.

Outlook & Vista are random patterned carpet tile ensuring easy installation (fuzzy side up) and simple ongoing maintenance. If a tile needs replacing, lift it and replace it. The replacement tile will always blend right back in. Random patterns allow different batches to be merged, so the new tile will always blend right back in irrespective of time lapses in between.

Interface only uses solution dyed 6'6 nylon. No sun fade,15 year wear warranties, 100% recyclable and contains recycled content which is getting higher each year.

Pretty easy really. And Jane? One very happy Librarian.