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Henderson Library

Installation: Henderson Library

Specifier: Robb Donze, Inzide Commercial Ltd

Installer: Beejay Carpets

Product: Cubic & Cubic Colours

The taxpayer demands value for money and a great public service. The library brings these two demands to the fore.

Catherine and Jo from Henderson Library needed the library upgraded on a very tight budget. And given this space is a shared Unitec and public resource they needed to ensure that whatever work was done worked throughout the building. The carpet and paint was in dire need of an upgrade. Especially the old broadloom carpet that had split seems, was very thin in places and simply was at the end of its life.

Working with the ACC property team carpet tile was quickly agreed to. And when people talk carpet tile, Interface carpet tile is the global leader. It’s highly recycled, recyclable itself from NZ and is very fit for purpose.

Robb from Inzide Commercial in working with the Library team quickly understood the wayfinding and performance needs. Then using water cutting and dye batch mergeable product quickly developed various designs that would work in the Children’s area. Final colour choices were up to the library team. However the Cubic range due to its many facility management benefits was always a key product in the mix.

Interface carpet tile from Inzide Commercial was used due to;

Life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile (handles the food spills)
15 year wear and performance warranty (handles the foot traffic)
Solution dyed nylon – no sunfade and easy to remove stains and spills (easy to maintain and keep looking great)
Best life-time value of any soft flooring in the industry. 

The result speaks for itself and the value for money brief was nailed as well.

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