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National Library of New Zealand

Installation: National Library of New Zealand - Wellington

Specifier: Warren & Mahoney

Installer: Christies Flooring Ltd

Product: Suits-U in custom colours

In 2007 the National Library of New Zealand set out a strategic vision for the future. This required ambitious and wide-ranging change to ensure the delivery of services relevant to 21st century New Zealanders. Coupled with this re-positioning, the National Library building in Wellington has been extensively refurbished to ensure collections are readily available and safely stored for another 20 years. It reopened on the 27th November 2012.

The National Library of New Zealand collects, connects and co-creates knowledge to power New Zealand.

  • The National Library collects and safeguards New Zealand’s documentary tāonga in all forms and media, including digital, to preserve and enhance the country’ shared knowledge, and for the benefit of future generations.
  • The National Library is committed to serving all New Zealand communities and connects with individuals and organisations so they can easily access national and international resources though knowledge networks.
  • The National Library is supporting New Zealand to learn, innovate and grow by collaborating with others to turn knowledge into value.

And the Flooring – well if you are in charge of keeping the best of NZ safe, then you need to have the best flooring that will perform, offer great value and importantly have minimal rolling load resistance and not store static electricity.

The answer could only be Interface carpet tile supplied by Inzide Commercial in NZ. 15 year performance warranty (including electrostatic propensity), close loop tight knit construction, and a life-time anti-microbial and easily customizable to meet the exacting design brief.

What a fabulous refurbishment. What a fabulous floor plate. And all installed using Tac-tile, Interface’s revolutionary non-adhesive, dimensionally stable installation system. No VOC’s, no smells, and very importantly no mess when changing out tiles or inspecting the concrete substrate after seismic activity.

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