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Picton Library

Installation: Picton Library

Specifier: Arthouse Nelson

Installer: Floorpride by Peter Mark

Product: Human Nature, Urban Retreat and Outlook Collections by Interface
Safestep and Marmoleum Collections by Forbo


An oasis of calm in a frantic seaside town where copious amounts of tourists, back backers, day trippers & holiday makers are continuously bustling through.

Like all libraries, Picton library has morphed from a book holder to a complete community hub with a huge amount of power outlets to feed the ever hungry phones of the budget travelling community.

The flooring chosen needed to be fit for purpose, beautiful, have a “Picton Charm” and perform strongly in this very busy environment.

Arthouse chose INZIDE to work with as their flooring options are always world class, design leading & innovative across the board.

  • Performance -YES (15 Year guarantee)
  • Noise Reduction - YES (excellent sound absorption)
  • NO Germs - YES (life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing​​​​​​​

For Picton Library Human nature with its biophilic pebbly texture, R11 slip resistant vinyl for the toilets & Marmoleum for the counter were obvious choices. What an excellent space they created.


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IMG 20190205 164244-395
IMG 20190205 164140-860
IMG 20190205 164143-859
IMG 20190205 164300-659
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