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Spark Arena

Installation: Spark Arena – formerly Vector Arena

Product: Timewarp – Chenille time and Happening time

Installer: Hills Commercial

11 years ago it was a major headache for Mainzeal (a precursor of their demise to come some say) as its construction went over budget and over time.

Yet for 11 years it has been a major source of entertainment as rock-stars, sports teams, acrobats and incredible events have been showcased within it. What an amazing venue.

And how many people would have walked on the carpet at Vector?  At between 400k and 500K per year that’s an easy 5million pairs of feet walking all over the carpet, spilling beverages, tomato sauce and gravy – yum.

So the carpet that was installed had to be up to the task. It was an easy decision therefore to go with Interface carpet tile all those years ago. It’s still performing now and given the way they clean it (notice the photo with the broom), you know it must be high quality, engineered to last.

Interface carpet tile supplied by Inzide in NZ is the world’s global leader in carpet tile due to;

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Durability

Go no further when you have exacting requirements from an exacting customer base. Interface carpet tile!

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