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St Joseph's Church

Installation: St Joseph’s Church Takapuna, Auckland

Specifier: Muir Design

Installer: Auckland Quality Flooring

Product: Marmoleum, Modular Marmoleum Granada & Serene Grey with primary colours, and Interface Urban Retreat Granite.

When you need a high performance resilient floor with ultimate sustainability credentials and incredible design options – you need Modular Marmoleum. Beautiful, stunning, bold with a 150 year pedigree. Add in the serious performance, 100% natural ingredients (NO Plastic. NO vinyl) and you know you have a winner. It is that GOOD!
Did we mention that LINSEED oil is also a natural anti-microbial and is a key ingredient in Marmoleum.


St Joseph’s was keen to accentuate the stain glass windows and so created this reflection up the main aisle. Gorgeous.

Urban Retreat carpet tile was used for the Altar carpet with Jerusalem crosses cut into both the marmoleum and the carpet tile for a delightful detail.

Perfect finish, perfect products and tells a story. Amazing job!

bare floor-753   Carpet watercut-962
looking down-666   nearly finished-254
removing the old-786   shot up aisle-716   
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