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Te Henui Chapel

Installation: Te Henui Chapel

Specifier: Jacksons Architects

Installer: Tudor flooring

Product: Human Nature Nickel – all 3 patterns

Introducing Taranaki’s state of the art life event facility, The Henui Chapel.

Set inside the historic Te Henui gates amongst established grounds, the Te Henui Chapel offers a 150 seat auditorium with adjoining function lounge.

Inside the Chapel the decor is elegant and sophisticated, befitting the occasion. The architecturally designed Meranti Ply ceiling matches the custom made pews and the 360 degree windows upon which the roof sits, giving a sense of calm grandeur.

The carpet plank – from the Human nature range is designed to remind us of the materials, textures and tones we find in the natural world. In this case, pebbles lying on the ground moving through to sand. Elegant and sophisticated and very fit for purpose. 15 year performance warranty, solution dyed nylon ensuring appearance retention and a life-time anti-microbial (Inter-sept) both in the inter-tac adhesive and in the latex layer of the carpet tile. Interface carpet tile (supplied by Inzide Commercial in NZ) is the global design leader in carpet tile and is the best in the NZ market.

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