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Te Puia Cultural Center

Installation: Te Puia Cultural Centre, Retail complex, Rotorua

Specifier: Creative Spaces – Douglas Paterson

Installer: Carpet House – Alf Courtney

Product: Equilibrium Constant, Equilibrium Dimension,Equilibrium Equivalent, Equilibrium Fulcrum, Equilibrium Linear, Colourbox Candied Cherry

The brief for Te Puia Cultural centre was for the flooring to enhance and/or portray the Maori culture for which the facility was purposely made. Douglas decided to make the retail flooring a statement of Maori design. Basing the design on Tukutuku Panels, he blended a variety of tile colours into the fantastic pattern you see in the photos.

The result was simply awesome with owners, patrons and visitors all commenting on how the flooring accentuated the Cultural centre experience and enhanced the retail centre.
TePuia-all-design-elements 260x390
TePuia-best-floor-view 260x390
TePuia-arrows 260x390
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