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Westpac Trust Stadium

Installation: Westpac Trust Stadium (The Cake Tin), Wellington

Specifier: Jasmax Wellington

Installer: Christies Flooring

Product: Cubic Colours Various

The 2011 World Cup for Rugby is coming, the Phoenix are hot, and The Hurricanes & Lions are always on form.

And yes the Cake tin is a fabulous venue – But the carpet – not that you're looking down when you walk into a stadium. But oh the carpet – Not good. Typical broadloom issues, pulled apart seams, bad staining, trafficking caused crushed pile and soiling everywhere. This venue needs real carpet – commercial grade 15 year warranty carpet tile made from solution dyed nylon. The real McCoy – just like the sports teams that base themselves here – carpet tile on top of its game – in form and fit for purpose.

Westpac Stadium had a tight budget and in truth InterfaceNZ was put through the wringer to win this tender. We were told the superior product won out for the day and the fact that the entrances to the stadiums were carpet in InterfaceNZ carpet tile back when it first opened – A picture showing the old tile and the words Westpac stadium is shown. Imagine the millions of feet that have walked over that carpet in the last few years. Our carpet tile at the entrances were still performing – it was the broadloom that was failing everywhere.

But the stadium team wanted punch, vim and vigour – Roll on the cubic colours range. And cubic colours Black, the main feature tile was perfect. Random design with mergeable dyelots making maintenance a breeze. All the bells and whistles required to meet the extensive demands of this venue. Adding in other cubic colours added the class and energy required. What a great looking floor plate. I can already hear the cheering.

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