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Whakarewarewa Village, Rotorua

Installation: Whakarewarewa Village, Rotorua
Specifier: Jasmax – Antonia Walmsley
Installer: Carpet House – Alf Courtney
Product: Equilibrium Constant, Colourbox Candied Cherry, Colourbox Thunderbolt

Whakarewarewa Village is a pre-eminent tourist attraction within Rotorua catering to many thousands of tourists each month. It’s mission statement “To build upon the legacy of Tourism Excellence” traces its proud heritage back to the 1800’s when the Tuhourangi/Ngati Wahiao people shared their culture with visitors from around the world.

The historical nature of the facility required a flooring that simply enhanced the rich Maori culture on the walls, within the exhibitions and emanating from speakers throughout the facility.

They needed a robust, neutral palette with good sound dampening and the ability to always look great irrespective of the traffic walking on it.

InterfaceNZ carpet tile with a 15 year guarantee was chosen due to its smart yarn fibre which always seeks to bounce back. The layout chosen was a 1m * 1m quarter-turn pattern vs. the standard 0.5m * 0.5m to create a greater feeling of space and strength to the exhibits.

Another fantastic result as demonstrated by the exhibits
Whakarewarewa-floor-to-wall 260x390
Whakarewarewa-reception 260x173
Whakarewarewa-looking-down 260x173
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