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BNZ New Branch Format 2010

Installation: BNZ New Branch Format 2010
Specifier: Warren & Mahoney & Opus
Product: Continuum – various colours

BNZ were looking at a new all-inclusive design element for their branch network. Technology had moved significantly. Both Flat screen and intra-net providing information to customers and security technology meaning that bank tellers could now once again interact directly with customers and not through screens.

So the scene was set for a new customer friendly format that demonstrated the true inclusive nature of the BNZ brand.

Roll on the designers and the new space was created. The flooring checkerboard pattern was used to highlight key areas (brights for children areas) and provide a strong brand presence with the BNZ blue, but done in a way that was subtle and ensured the floor remained neutral in the space.

The combination of fit out, technology and flooring is simply superb.

Excellent and InterfaceNZ was happy to be the supplier of fit for purpose carpet tile.

15 year NZ backed warranties – vs competitors who direct you back to the plant in China or the USA.
True closed loop product – yes we will recycle the BNZ carpet tile back into carpet tile at the end of its life.
Real 3rd party verification of our product and organization (ECNZ, carboNZero).

These photos are of the Milford branch in Auckland.
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