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Benji Flor, Napier

Installation: Beija Flor, Napier

Installer: Jacksons Flooring

Product: 1968 Market Street Lime Teal

Retail has become a landscape of hard floors and often polished concrete is the norm. However with this stark look also comes noise, excessive dust/dirt on the floor, sales people complaints – especially when wearing high heels for the day and now (especially with water sipper bottles) slip complaints as liquids are spilt and not cleaned up quickly enough.

Beija Flor was experiencing all these issues and was keen to add some colour to soften and welcome customers into their space. Brightly patterned carpet tile in the form of rug inserts (installed using Tac-Tile – Interface’s patented no-glue installation system) was the answer.

And wow what a result. I especially love the sit down area – where I was able to sit while my wife looked around.Interface carpet tiles, supplied by INZIDE commercial. Always fit for purpose, and always with a solution for any commercial premise. And the best part of this install, should Beija Flor wish to move, they can pick up theircarpet tile and bring it with them. No glue is used. Now that’s smart flooring for Retail.

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