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Charleston Pharmacy, Napier

Installation: Charleston Pharmacy - Napier

Specifier: Indesign Ltd.

Installer: Bryan Hutchinson Ltd.

Product: Yin Yang Collection – Celestial Smoulder

Indesign were designing a new pharmacy in the art deco rich Napier city. Hence the space needed to fit within that “theme”, perform and most importantly help sell the many varied products on the shelves.

Indesign quickly asked INZIDE Commercial who representInterface carpet tile in NZ to provide flooring design options. Celestial was quickly settled on in a subdued colourway. The pattern exuded the art deco look and yet didn’t keep the eye looking at the floor when the shelves needed to gain their full attention.

Interface provides true industrial strength carpet tile with a true 15 year performance guarantee. Importantly it also contains an anti-microbial both at the latex layer and in the Inter-tac pressure releasable adhesive.

Like the ancient Asian concept, Yin Yang is a glorious celebration of opposites, each carpet design is distinct yet dependant on the other, creating a perfect blend of sophisticated beauty and sensory comfort. With 16 colour ways and 12 eye catching carpet patterns to choose from, the Yin Yang Collection offers an outstanding combination of balance, beauty and endless possibilities.
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