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Chokolato @ the Library

Installation: Chokolato @ the Library – Palmerston North Library

Product: Marmoleum & Surestep safety vinyl

WOW – when you want to make an impact, marmoleum is the start, middle and end. WOW!!

  • 97% natural raw ingredients (the remaining non-natural) is the top shield surface to ensure really easy cleaning
  • 72% of the ingredients are naturally renewable
  • 43% of the product is recycled natural ingredients
  • Naturally healthy and able to fight MRSA and many other microbes (Linseed oil is naturally anti-microbial)
  • So easy to work with (over 20,000,000m2 is installed every year around the world) And yes it is in the White House and the Kremlin.
  • 15 year true performance warranty
  • And so many colours to choose from

What an inspiring design. Yes it has impact. Yes it looks great. Yes it is fit for purpose re wear and tear. And yes it is the perfect flooring/counter option to put in a café to ensure microbials don’t spread.

True design. True credentials.

And look at the detailing on the counter tops. True master craftsmen at work. LOVE IT!!!

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