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Dores for Floors showroom Installation

Installation: Dores for Floors showroom - Christchurch

Specifier: Dores for Floors

Installer: Dores for Floors

Product: Outlook Scape with with Proscenium Inserts

When flooring showrooms are using your carpet tile you know that you have a quality product. Flooring professionals know their carpet and Dores for Floors are true professionals.

Chris was looking for a good strong neutral tile that would withstand the test of time with some featured colour to really liven it up. Outlook Scape was the answer. A randomly designed tile allowing easy installation, minimal wastage and low ongoing maintenance. And as a feature; Proscenium incorporating Interface’s world beating PLA fibre (biodegradable corn starch derivative) and funky design.

In the photos you can also see the InterfaceNZ prototype stand that Chris is testing for us.
doresForFloors-Hallway 260x347
doresForFloors-Proscenium-Feature 260x242
doresForFloors-InterfaceNZ-Stand 260x212
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