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Kiwibank/ NZ Post, North Shore

Installation: 3M on Ridgeline

Specifier: Warren & Mahoney

Installer: Comfloor

Product: Equilibrium Rotate & I-Line Favourites

3M New Zealand employs approximately 110 people in all business fields - technical, accounting, sales, marketing, production and many other specialist roles.

3M's tradition of innovation is part of the company's vision and self-image. As such, when it was time to move premises, 3M needed to ensure the environment created was conducive to the culture of the company and what its customers had come to expect of the 3M brand.

Hence a NZGBC rated green building, adopting innovative building and interior materials, was a pre-requisite to any building that they would look at.

3M on ridgeline was built to meet these exacting requirements and InterfaceNZ carpet tile was high on their agenda.
  • Innovative, modular flooring with cool designs
  • Great, life-time value and low upfront spend
  • Superior flooring product
Pretty simple really. A great match with the brand and a great product to create a warm, inviting work-place where ideas and creativity can flow.
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