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Meadowlands shopping centre

Installation: Meadowlands Shopping Centre, Howick            

Product: Marmoleum Sheet – Graphite, Eiger, Chartreuse

Architect: Ellery Muir

Flooring Contractor: Crown Flooring Xtra

Shopping centre floors need to be hard wearing and very fit for purpose. Thankfully Marmoleum gets stronger and stronger and the longer it is down, incredible but true, its a living floor made from natural ingreedients. Plus with its revolutionary top-shield top layer it is so easy to clean and maintain. Should it get scratched (furniture moving) rub a walnut kernel over it and watch it disappear, it is magic only nature can pull off.

Use the revolutionary Monel linoleum cleaner as part of your cleaning regime and you will have no issue.
Fantastic fit for purpose flooring.

PLUS with Marmoleum you get;

  • 97% natural raw ingredients (the remaining non-natural) is the top shield surface to ensure really easy cleaning)

  • 72% of the ingredients are naturally renewable

  • 43% of the product is recycled natural ingredients

  • Naturally healthy and able to fight MRSA and many other microbes (Linseed oil is naturally anti-microbial)

  • So easy to work with (over 20,000,000m2 is installed every year around the world) and yes it is in the White House and the Kremlin.

  • 15 year true performance warranty

  • And so many colours to choose from

Fantastic result – great floor – easy to look after & maintain.

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