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Mo-Town Fitness

Installation: Mo-Town Fitness

Installer: Deepak Chopra - Master Kelwin Auckland

Product: Various – Patch work quilt

How do you stand out from the crowd?
This was the key requirement of mo-Town Fitness. Mo-Town needed a new floor. Concurrently they wanted to be a bit different, have an installation that was a talking point and have a floor that can still handle weights and heavy rolling loads.

The solution when talking to Deepak was quite simple. Create a patchwork quilt using colours that work for Mo Town. Then ask Inzide Commercial to provide lots of small amounts of those colours in various patterns. Afterall small batches and discontinued products are still brand new, carry a 15 year warranty and can cope with anything thrown at them. .

Guess what – Deepak was right. Mo-Town got a brand new floor plate, one that is talked about as being different and all at a stonking price.
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