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NZ Post, Westfield Albany

Installation: NZ Post
Specifier: Ellery Muir
Installer: Various
Product: Chopsticks – Custom Colours

NZ Post shops take a real hammering and need to be up for it. Soiling, wear and Sun damage are NZ Posts biggest issues when it comes to flooring. Concurrently the flooring needs to help set out the store and provide easy wayfinding for the customers who maybe unfamiliar with that particular store.

David Muir worked closely with the Design team at Interface to develop NZ Posts own custom product that incorporated a tight low loop weave (endurance) with darker colour combinations (hide any soiling until the cleaners arrive after the store closes).

Using opposite colours in the two tiles, distinct areas are created that provide definition to the flooring. The tiles are made from solution dyed 6’6 nylon guaranteeing colour fastness and wear (15 years).
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