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Northbeach Surf Shop

Installation: North Beach

Specifier: Gascoigne Associates Ltd

Installer: Lovich Floors

Product: Rawhide Longhorn, Born Free (Black & White Collection), Solid Foundation Shiraz

With a real Youth Surf Culture behind the brand and a need to stand out from the cluttered clothing market, North Beach called on Gascoigne's Retail expertise.

Gascoigne's are retail specialists who are exacting in their product requirements. They understand that if after 5 seconds the customer is not engaged through visual appeal then they will leave.

Hence they choose to adopt the 5th Wall concept and make the flooring the focal part of the store. Instantly appealing to North Beach's segment of the market and coming with all the Interface bells and whistles.

15 year Wear warranty
Climate Neutral
Built in life-time anti-microbial
Easy to maintain and churn as and when required
Great design

Making the choice to choose Interface carpet tile was easy.

The result speaks for itself. Simply superb.
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