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Rabobank, invercargill

Installation: Rabobank, Invercargill

Specifier: Joey Groves Commercial Design, Wellington

Installer: Invercargill Carpet Court

Product: Equilibrium II, Syncopation, Polygon 2

Bank branches have changed from barricaded closed spaces to welcoming, open spaces that say, come on in, enjoy, talk and stay a while. They are a key attribute of the brand of the bank.

You are the way others see you. Hence the ambience of a bank branch needs to exude calm, trust and confidence. People are the first brand promise. Superior service and customer knowledge create the second brand promise. And coming up third is the attractiveness of the branch to conduct business in.

Rabobank, a global powerhouse in rural banking is no exception to creating the brand promise. And given many of their customers are down to earth farmers and agriculturalists fluffy stuff doesn’t really count – it’s about being practical, understanding their business and providing bank products that suit.

Same with their flooring. It needs to be functional, great value and fit for purpose.

Anti-microbial built into the carpet tile for its life-time
Solution dyed nylon that actually repels stains
Modular tiles that allow for quick and easy replacement should soiling occur to ensure the carpet always looks new – lots of gumboots come into these branches
Superior colour fastness
15 year performance warranties

Look at these photos – Rabobank’s promise is clear.
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