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Circular Economy Report 2018

Following on from the Andrew Morlet series (see previous news article) which provided a huge thought leadership jump on circular economy thinking (and in the process showed how broken the global plastics and clothing industries are – and hence the rampant toxic pollution they are causing both in New Zealand and around the world), we at Inzide were very proud to help sponsor the creation of “The Circular Economy opportunity for Auckland business case”.
Please click HERE to download this very important document.

Inzide is the only flooring company accredited by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) for their carpet tile recycling scheme. Our vinyl backing is 100% recyclable from NZ and most importantly can be continuously recycled over and over again. Papatoetoe library is a documented case of materials going back to Interface in the USA to be given their 3rd life as a new carpet tile. All our competitors are now moving to cheap plastic or polyester backings that only have 1 life. They are taking the 1 use PET container or polyester “rhino carpet” issue faced in China or the USA which are being converted into backing types (using energy and releasing more carbon into the atmosphere in that process) and then exporting that waste stream to NZ (in the guise of a new product) to ultimately end up in NZ landfill.

Hence our support for the circular economy to raise awareness in the design community around specifying products that have a circular life versus a take, make, waste linear life.

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