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+Positive spaces

Better products.
Happier people.
Healthier planet.

We’ve always had a positive attitude.

Because creating the best product in the world isn’t easy. We challenge ourselves to be better, think differently and develop products that have a positive impact on people’s lives, their spaces and the planet.

Which means there’s always work to be done, and undone. Rules to be made, and broken. Success and failure. But it’s worth it. Because when we succeed we help change the lives of everyone using our products, as well as many who don’t.

Help people work smarter

People crave control of the environments in which they live, work and learn. At Interface, people’s needs are our priority. That’s why our modular flooring system creates connected, integrated solutions that offer flexibility and functionality with aesthetics to fit any style.

Our wide portfolio of carpet tile (including our newest collection Visual Code™) allows you to create designs that meet your needs.

Make the planet healthier

Our passion and commitment don’t stop at built environments. Our sustainability mission, Climate Take Back™, challenges us, and others, to contribute to a space that nurtures us all: our planet. At Interface, we are optimistic about reversing global warming. Together, we are taking steps to create a climate fit for life, and an environment that supports us all. Instead of seeing climate change as inherently negative, we view it as an opportunity to create positive impact.
We know it’s possible.

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'Committed to the Health of One' introduces a focus in our commitment to sustainability that centres around all aspects that concern your health, well-being and comfort in relation to our products and services, today as well as for future generations.

Forbo CHO education primairy school freestanding

Office & other working environments

Offices are one of the most standardised spaces in buildings, exhibiting an almost identical character, regardless of their location in the world. Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, as well as artificial lighting, require high levels of energy that affect the indoor environment. As we learn more about the effect of the quality of office design and the well-being and productivity of the workers, there is a clear focus on creating inspiring interior spaces that combine individual, collaborative and playful opportunities creating inspiring workspaces. 

Floors that demonstrate a human design quality, vibrant or close to nature, comfortable and improving the acoustic ambiance as well as enhancing natural light sources, take a prominent place in all our collections.

School & Day Care Centres

Children spend most of their time indoors, at home and in school. The measured indoor air quality parameters indicate that children in primary schools are subjected to large concentrations of CO2 and exposed to increased levels of particulate VOC’s and biological contaminants. Asthma and allergic diseases are the most prevalent chronic diseases among children and have increased quite rapidly in the last decades. The finding cannot be explained by genetic changes and is more likely to be due to changes in environmental exposure and/or in lifestyle.

Forbo’s Marmoleum is made from renewable natural raw materials that are PVC-free, low emitting and easy to clean. Together with a well laid out entrance flooring system, we take care of a better indoor environment in education facilities.