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Marmoleum production is better than carbon neutral

Having improved our environmental footprint, Marmoleum is today being produced ‘better than carbon neutral.’ This means that when you add up the amount of CO2 emitted during the production of the raw materials used in Marmoleum and the actual production of the Marmoleum itself, the total is less than zero.
This is primarily because Marmoleum is made from renewable plant resources such as flax, pine trees, and jute, which absorb CO2 during growth. In addition, Forbo Flooring Systems’ manufacturing sites use electricity from renewable sources.
The LCA calculation for one square meter of Marmoleum at the various stages from cradle to gate is as follows:

Total CO2 emission for the production of Marmoleum: -0.09
                                                           CO2 equivalents
Raw material extraction:              - 1.31
Transport of raw materials:          +0.27
Manufacturing:                              +0.95
This achievement puts Forbo Flooring Systems far ahead of the CO2 emission agreements that were made at the climate summit in Paris, in December 2015. History was written in Paris with measures to limit global warming to a maximum 2 degrees Celsius, but no less than 1.5 degrees. To combat global warming, the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and of CO2 in particular, needs to be limited. We are not only committed to fulfilling the COP21 agreement, but to do more and so be a leader in the field of sustainability.

For the full 2015 sustainability report click HERE
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