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A Hand Up for Youthline

Sustainability requires financial, social and environmental efforts. So when Youthline needed to upgrade their offices we were asked to help. Please read accompanying letter - it says it all.

Business needs to stand up within their community and help whenever and wherever we can. You do well financially by doing good environmentally and socially. This is a law of business that many people that just don't get it like to operate by. All they see is cost. Those that get it see opportunity. We at INZIDE Commercial do get it and though we are not perfect and we operate within constraints, we do try when we can. I think by reading our news items over the years that you will see this for yourselves. So when Youthline came knocking we did say Yes, how can we help.

Thank you letter from Youthline, June 2014 - PDF 446kb 
Thank You letter from Youthline, September 2014 - PDF 178kb
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