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FORBO and INZIDE commercial joining forces in New Zealand

INZIDE Commercial is excited to become the exclusive distributor of FORBO's commercial resilient flooring from early 2015.

FORBO announced that:

FORBO and INZIDE commercial are joining forces to provide a new level of service excellence, extended product range and commitment to the New Zealand design, construction and flooring industries.

FORBO's world leading resilient flooring brands include Marmoleum, Sure Step, Safety Step, Eternal, Allura & Allura Flex.

When we were approached by FORBO to take on their commercial resilient flooring range in NZ we jumped at the chance. The FORBO product reputation is very strong and marmoleum is the world’s leading resilient flooring product due to its 100% natural ingredient list and being a naturally biodegradable product. What a fantastic fit with the Interface brand and philosophy.

FORBO's FOUR New Zealand based employees will transfer across to INZIDE as part of this partnership. The new and larger INZIDE team will continue to service the INTERFACE (carpet tiles) and INSITU (acoustic interior Pinboard) brands along with FORBO resilient flooring.

INZIDE commercial is excited by this partnership with FORBO and sees it as a strong endorsement of the strategy it adopted in September 2011 when we changed our name to INZIDE Commercial (pronounced INSIDE) and sought to become the supplier of category leading Innovative Sustainable commercial Interior products to the NZ construction industry. INZIDE’s commercial flooring reputation is strong and is a key reason why FORBO chose INZIDE to distribute their products in NZ.

We now see our mix of brands offering an un-paralleled commercial interior fitout combination ensuring that we do have the solution available which any specifier or customer could ask for - acoustics, anti-microbial, aesthetics, performance, way-finding and brand alignment; all done with quality products and sustainable knowledge.

Current customers of FORBO without an account with INZIDE will need to apply for an account by calling 0800 800 656.

Please watch this video. We at INZIDE see it as a very fitting analogy for our new partnership with FORBO. By working together we can achieve at a higher level and ensure that NZ's design community benefits from our increased reach, product knowledge & flooring consultancy.

Below are a number of Q&A's that you might find useful in understanding this exciting new journey that INZIDE is embarking upon.

Will the FORBO brand leave New Zealand?


The FORBO brand is world recognized and a major player in the worldwide resilient flooring market. FORBO will continue to market its brand in New Zealand. INZIDE will be its local partner in New Zealand and ensure the products are specified and supplied into the NZ commercial construction industry with 100% on time, correct price, and correct quantity delivery KPI's.

Will I have to communicate with two INZIDE Account Managers on every project where FORBO products and Interface products are specified/supplied?


In the 2015 transitional year we are keen that every customer sees only positive impact from this partnership. For the first three to six months many projects that were specified will be coming to market. It makes sense that the account managers working on these projects from inception see them through to their conclusion to maintain continuity of project understanding and delivery in full. Concurrently during this transitional year the current INZIDE team will be learning all there is to know about the FORBO products. And the current FORBO team will be learning all there is to know about the INSITU and Interface products. Many of the account managers will tag team in the first three to six months on new product presentations or on the more specialist specifications so that we can learn first-hand. As the various skills are transferred the tag-teaming will reduce. Key is that if you as the customer are used to talking to a particular account manager we encourage you to continue doing that. Just know that this account manager will be upskilling on another product set and will be happy to share this knowledge with you.

Will INZIDE's service levels decrease as they take on this new range of FORBO products?


INZIDE Commercial has invested heavily in the last four years in a new, coordinated order intake and delivery technology platform. The core purpose of this platform is to ensure on time, in full and correct price delivery. INZIDE is extremely proud of our 99.6% achievement of this KPI.  INZIDE's key delivery capabilities will be brought to bear on the FORBO range and we fully expect to see our delivery KPI maintain above 99%.  INZIDE’s management team will be fully focused on this.
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