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INZIDE Working From Home During the CORONAVIRUS

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi 

The lockdown was hard on everyone in Aotearoa, having two separate lockdowns can be taxing on the mental health of workers but we are pleased to report that despite a few of the team going stir-crazy with the kids everyone had a blast during the lockdown. And thankfully have had zero transmissions throughout our entire New Zealand team, as that is always our primary concern at Inzide, the health and well-being of our team and customers. 

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The lockdown did ,however, present many unique challenges to how Inzide operated. But we managed to pull through and remain open during the international pandemic (Through strict guidelines for safety). Don't worry though, despite being partially open many of our talented team still managed to find the sun and enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown.

"I've loved re-connecting with my creative hobbies" - Jasmine, Salesperson

"The best thing about lockdown is wearing slippers to work and having a 10-step commute" - Sarah, Purchasing Manager

"I've loved breathing crisp green air again" - Steve, Managing Director

And now that we are back to normal operations again. We couldn't be more excited to continue to bring the highest quality carpet tile products to the New Zealand commercial sector! Kia Kaha Aotearoa. 

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