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INZIDE helps out with the Family library reading programme

Takapuna Library is going through a major refurbishment and INZIDE Commercial is supplying the carpet tile to this refurbishment. As part of this refurbishment INZIDE was tasked with recycling the existing carpet tile. This is something that we excel at and have been accredited by the Ministry for the Environment for our RE-Entry recycling scheme. We do take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We also take our Social responsibilities seriously. In this case the Takapuna Librarians approached us to see if we could help provide temporary flooring for a space they had found in Takapuna so that their family (young children) programme could continue.

We were very happy to help and the 3 burly men from INZIDE turned up and installed large format 1m X 1m brightly coloured carpet tiles using Tac-tile (Interfaces patented no-adhesive installation method).

In 6 weeks’ time when the library is back up and running the same 3 burly men will turn up and dismantle the flooring and bring it back to INZIDE to be used elsewhere.
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