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Objectspace Opening

Objectspace is a public gallery dedicated to positioning making in the fields of craft, applied arts and design, within a range of cultural, economic and social frameworks, in order to provoke new assessments about works and practices


A new space has become available to allow the gallery to move from the more arts and sculptural to also allowing structural and architectural exhibits. Concurently it will become a place for designers to meet and enjoy, learn and collaborate.


INZIDE relies on the design community specifying our world leading Interface and Forbo flooring solutions and as such when opportunities arise for INZIDE to give back to the design community we move quickly to help. Objectspace was brought to our attention by Andrew Barrie and after seeing the new space and meeting with Kim Paton we immediately signed up.


These photos show the first “breakfast thank you” to the sponsors and contributors. Work is still ongoing to meet the July 2017 opening timeframe.

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Flooring Brands


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